The Art of Conversation

On the news our PM says
He’ll bulldoze where I live today
But remember iron Mrs T
The Right to Buy her particularity

We spoke of where to house my friends
As social housing never ends
Then talked of keeping houses clean
With classy streets that don’t look mean

It suddenly brought back a gem
Of a poem by an ancient Master
About a dark and dingy house
Inhabited by a spider and his spouse.

So why don’t children read this now?
Queried the nurse against the way
Of always playing computer games
Glued to the TV whenever it rains

It’s coming back I cry with glee
It’s not entirely history
My friend’s grandchildren learnt at school
How to pen meter, rhyme and rule.

How did we reach this happy ending?
Well that’s the lost art of letter sending
It takes a little time it’s true
But must be more fun than texting you.

Meryl Williams

About voicebath

Bath and North East Somerset’s community mental wellbeing blog
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