Two Tunnels


Although 10 kilometres may not seem far to some, for us this race was a challenge and an opportunity to push ourselves. We all trained together on many evenings, even sometimes accidentally splitting up and running around the village to find each other! We knew that running this race wouldn’t ease the pain of losing Ollie but the thought of helping others who suffer with mental illness and preventing such tragedy drove us to continue.

On the day of the race the sun was shining and we all felt so proud to be running with Ollie in our hearts and on our t-shirts. Our friends and family turned up to support us and as we crossed the finish line we all felt extremely overwhelmed and proud of our achievement. We never expected to raise over £2000 and we really hope that this money can be used to it’s greatest potential. The race has created some positive memories that our family will cherish and we hope that we have made Ollie very proud!

Florrie Davey



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