End of the Advocacy and Mentoring Service?

Now, this is  on a much more serious note. The Mentoring and Advocacy Department of
Bath Mind including the much valued befriending service will cease to be on the
31st of March 2015*. They have had to manage without funding from the council
for the last 2 years. A sorry state of affairs when B.A.N.E.S. Council itself
admit that Bath has the lowest level of care in the South West and it’s getting
worse. Various governments over the years have promised improvements but I have
yet to see the evidence. It appears that Mental Health sufferers can take a
back seat and get quietly ignored when grants are given out to various “more
important” concerns … Bath Mind should be considered an asset to Bath and not
simply another expensive handout! I wonder if our badly done by M.P’s would
consider foregoing their subsidised dinners and other privileges at the House of
Commons? That might help organisations like Mind even if only a little bit.
Perhaps we could write to our M.P’s in Parliament and badger them like the giant
corporations do to get what they want and usually get! There are lots of ways
they could help if the genuine concern was there. I can only wish Bath Mind the
very best for the future and hope beyond hope someone’s conscience get pricked
and something gets pulled out of the bag at the last minute. Very, very good wishes
for the future, Bath Mind.
Alan Cupit (a.k.a Mr (VERY) Angry)

* Editors Note: The Advocacy department did close last March but the befriending service still continues supported by donations.


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