Friend or Foe?

Effervescent from the ground
The water rises, soaking sound
It trickles during summer heat
Depleted yet never lost to us

The Autumn rains bring flooding despair
All life seems compromised, our homes declare
Emergency on harrowing scale
Again and again from too much rain.

We never could control the weather
Affecting every human endeavour
The River Ouse has burst its banks
We’re mopping up and clearing out.

Grow rice on Somerset’s level plain
But pray for cessation to the rain
British as the weather comes
Too much as bad as none at all.

One thing we know when snow is here
It only lasts for a fraction of the year
So please spare a thought for those
Who keep our roads from being closed.

Should you a bobby or fireman be
Or paramedic working for me
Accept our thanks, our grateful prayer
For most of us would never dare
Tackle this inclement season
With the voice of caring, professional reason.

Meryl Williams

About voicebath

Bath and North East Somerset’s community mental wellbeing blog
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