Yellow Blighters

The weather in deepest, darkest Jan
Is suddenly cold whilst I am pale and wan
But December was warm and overly wet
The dandelions are in bloom, the season is set.

Daffodils are out in time with catkins
Cel endings come and the birds join wild things
The flowers are all about and out of sync
The old year ended, New Year came in a blink.

What hopes have you as days grow longer?
To beat the purge, to feel as stronger
As the blossoms early on the bough
While magpies chatter and robins sigh.

I sit for moments at a time
In this our peaceful garden penning rhymes
And every poem that I draw
Denies the quest to search for more.

I’m thinking of my first old muse
How yellow Blighters he did persue
Attempting every year they came
To dig them up again and again.

They said they make you wet your bed
So darling muse just use your head
Oh be a friend to the dandelion
He’s bright and sunny in our garden.

By Meryl Williams

About voicebath

Bath and North East Somerset’s community mental wellbeing blog
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