Meryl Williams – Aunt Meryl’s Autobiography

I’m a complex yet homespun girl
Not a bit the social whirl
I love best a cup of tea
Good humour and good company.

If your problems you relate
You may find I can equate
But if solutions you reject
Then I’m afraid you’ve had your bets.

Once my sought goodwill is lost
You will find eternal frost
Say the thing that hurts my heart
I won’t forget and we will part.

Loving kindness I will show
Always learning, keen to grow
No, a word less on my lips
But for some, a point they’ve had their chips.

So if you read this awful tale
Crossed out by Meryl’s grumps again
I will say don’t push too far
Your luck is over I’m overparr.

Finally I need to say
That every dog will have her day
Soon I will be superseded
But until then I’m unexceeded.

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Bath and North East Somerset’s community mental wellbeing blog
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