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Recently Your Voice was asked to feature a  piece from the Come As You Are Blog, an anonymous blog with underlying themes of mental health. Created by the young for the young, Come As You Are Blog is a safe platform for young people to share their experiences relating to mental health. Everyone who has contributed to the blog just wants to talk about what they have experienced and prove that they’re all very similar.

We’re always happy to cross share posts from different blogs about mental health and raise the awareness to our readers and contributors.
Bellow is one of the posts which strikes a familiar chord for me.

The Pub

The Conversation
Depressed Friend 1: “Hey mate how are you?”
Depressed Friend 2: “Yeh I’m really good thanks, how you doing?”
Depressed Friend 1: “Ah that’s good to hear, yeh I’m not bad thanks mate.”
Depressed Friend 2: “Ah good.”
This is just a classic (dare I say British male) conversation that I myself have been involved with countless times at the local pub. It makes me laugh now just looking at it, but it happens every day. I mean it should really be found in an ironic joke book. But in reality it should never be allowed to happen. 

After bottling up my depression for as long as I could, the bottle finally burst. I poured out all of my feelings onto one of my best mates and shock, to my ‘surprise’ he was experiencing the same thing. But why did we never speak about it before! Why?! I mean, we just put on these masks and pretended we were fine when deep down we knew we were the worst we had ever felt. Yet, we had refused to open up about it for years. What I’m trying to say is that I have realised now that your closest friends will never judge you for what you are experiencing. The chances are they have had the same experience. You will never find out unless you talk to one another guys. It helps BIG TIME.


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