The Randall’s Revisited – Meryl Williams

Episode 1 –Rain stops play

“I’m bored,” announced Royston, gazing out of the window at the rain soaked streets of Glethamgetty City Centre.
“It’s an anti-climax,” said Cassie his beautiful wife, curled up on the sofa with a copy of the Mindful magazine.  “You could take all your old vinyl down to the charity shop” she suggested “after all it’s got to be done”.
“I can’t bear to part with it”, mused Royston and he looked at the boxes stacked up in a corner of their new sitting room.  “Can’t we keep them?” “No Roy, we really don’t have the space” replied Cassie, “I’ve had to part will all my antique china ornaments so fair is fair.  After all you never play them, we don’t even have a record player anymore and the charity shop can get good money for them.”  “I’’ go if it stops raining,” said Roy and he sat down grabbing the remote control.  “Rain stops play” announced the cricket commentator on the TV so Roy watched some re-runs of last year’s test matches.
“Time is marching on and Erica will be here with her new baby so couldn’t you just nip out and get rid of those boxes?” pleaded Cassie.  “Very well” Roy cried and he leapt up and began to move the boxes out into the boot of their car.
“Roy”, hailed a voice and Roy looked up narrowly missing bumping his head on the car boot door.  It was the vicar from their new church just a few minutes from their new luxury apartment on Glethamgetty’s most fashionable boulevard.
“We look forward to seeing you at the Lent lectures” called the vicar, “here is the leaflet, Dr Anthony Pratt is speaking.  He comes all the way from Outer Moraria so I thought it might interest you both.  He is looking forward to meeting you as I mentioned your visit there a few years ago.”
“I am really interested” said Roy sincerely “Cassie will be also, we found it very rewarding to visit Outer Moraria and the hospital has written to say how they have made improvements thanks to some fundraising we did.  We will really look forward to the lecture, is there coffee afterwards?”
“There is” replied the vicar “and as you’re keen we can invite you both to a meal for some parishioners to get a chance to meet Dr Pratt”.
Royston of course was a retired lawyer who took Cassie his wife to visit Outer Moraria where the chief economy was based on diamond mining.  Cassie was a busy GP and at the hospital in Octavia she met many patients affected by dust from the mines.  Royston was interested in supporting the poorer miners with their legal rights.  Their daughter Erica had been inspired to become a social worker and married Lawrence a sculptor.  The Randall’s son James married Jonathan and the two men adopted twins.

In this new series we see Roy and Cassie revisit the mining town of Octavia and continue their good work and social projects that they had been able to found.

To be continued …

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