Bipolar blogging

The Masks We Wear by Kate McDonnell

The Masks We Wear by Kate McDonnell

I’ve been blogging about what it’s like to have bipolar disorder for a couple of years. I was very nervous at first, worried about the stigma if anybody found out who I was. Also, I was terrified that people out there in the ether would be horrid. I needn’t have worried. Without exception, everybody whom I’ve come across on my blog has been warm and kind. It was quite a surprise, I can tell you!

I draw funny little black and white pictures of my experiences, and I’m often very moved by people who say they see their own stories reflected in my work. It makes me feel a great deal less alone. There is a wonderful support network out here on the internet, and I hope that Your Voice will not only be a place for people to speak out, but also a place to listen and encourage.

You can see my blog The Bipolar Codex here.

By Kate McDonnell, Bath Mind trustee

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2 Responses to Bipolar blogging

  1. Matt says:

    My wife has bipolar and she feels the same way as you and has had some bad experiences, both through her condition, so called “friends” and even the NHS. Compared to 10 years ago, she is more open about the condition but there is still a long way to go and because of her past experiences I think this will take a long time. More publicity of this condition and mental health in general helps but also being open about the condition. Hiding it only makes people be afraid. I wish you luck in your positive development.


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